Teaching Diary: English Communication Scavenger Hunt

Once more a hands on post about something I tried in class this term. The first time ever that somebody over here tried to pull an ‘interactive’ game off so it wasn’t that easy to get the people involved but in the end it worked out. Not perfectly, but still funny and with the desired outcome. So get ready for the first ever Udon Thani Vocational College English Communication Scavenger Hunt (EC|SH). So here are a few steps explained. Maybe it’s some inspiration, maybe you simply see what traps are awaiting you when planning such a game or maybe it even scares you off. However I thought the experience is worth sharing. Intention: Many colleagues asked me ‘why are you doing this? It’s to much work..’ – The simple answer: I think it would be fun and I want students to use their shyness when it comes to English communication. I want them to be able to use English in every day life and in all different kind of situations. Initial Situation: I told all classes they have to form teams who participate in the game. Then I told them that the game will start on a fixed date at […]