thank you justin bieber!

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Oh dear. I never thought I would write such a headline. And it even is not thought to be a linkbait. Actually I would appreciate if nobody would use Justin Bieber and my Blog as anchortext for links 😉 But today it is just about time to say it loud and clear: Thank you Justin Bieber!

Now you might ask why, right?

Yeah, thought so. Some of you might already know, the others will know now: Besides doing awesome internet marketing stuff, I work as a teacher at an awesome college in Thailand (and we just went 2.0). Kind of a project, no long term thing though. If you want to read more about it, feel free to join my Thailand Blog. But now back to Justin. So thank you Justin Bieber! What for? For being there when I needed you!

Thanks to his increasing fame amongst young people Justin has always been there for me when I needed an example. When I wanted students to participate but nobody felt like moving his arms….the question ‘Who likes Justin Bieber’ always made them move. Into one or another direction (since my classes consist of 95% girls you can imagine what direction mostly…). After a while I even used him to pick students in order to write on the whiteboard. As soon as I said “I need somebody to….” students started to sing his song and I could pick easily….;-)

Furthermore he was there when we practiced discussions. Who likes Justin Bieber vs. Who does not like Justin. Great discussions took place in class. So thanks once more, Justin! But besides that he also made students understand English and Web 2.0. Things that are exactly what I tried to teach. English is obvious. His songs are in english, students like to listen to them and sing-a-long with them. So they need to at least know the words somehow. Next thank you. Teaching Thai students English with Justin Bieber. Who would have thought that?

And, even more interesting, also teaching Web 2.0 understanding with Justin was possible. Since he became famous through the world wide web I could easily use his example to show the power of the web and the users behind it. Youtube, facebook, twitter, social media….no problem thanks to Mister Bieber.

Now that holidays just arrived in Thailand, Justin Bieber is no longer needed as role model. I told him that and he decided life no longer makes sense…

Sorry fellas, my bad!