I dream, you do: The Heureka App

Since I am not an engineer but nevertheless hit by some ideas once in a while I thought I write them down and one of you awesome guys out there simply engineers them, right? As simple as that! 😉

The first request is not new, but hit me again last night. Lying in my bed, thinking about the usual things (not what you think, perverts!) and then, all of a sudden, I had a great idea! But what to do with it? We all know, if I stay in bed and think more about it, I will develop the idea further…it might become even better and bigger…but on the other hand the chance to fall asleep and to forget about it until the next morning is about 1.230.326 : 1 (or to say it like one of the most respected scientists of our time, Barney Stinson: In 87% of all cases you will forget your idea).

Choice 2: Get up and try to write it down. But again we all know what happens when we get up while an idea hits us. As soon as you leave your thinking position you can almost feel how the idea tries to stay in bed. And when your feet hit the ground almost 50% of the idea are already gone and hiding. After grabbing pen & paper another 25% are gone and while trying to recover the lost information further 12% start hiding.

So what to do? In times of the iPhone, iPad, iPeed and Android Tablets & Smartphones I think there should simply be an app for that! An app that does exactly what you can see on the picture beyond. Extracts my “Heureka” idea and puts it onto my device. It even would be ok if it extracts all ideas, not only the heureka ones. So I could delete the entertaining ones the next morning. And to make it more easy. It does not have to happen automatically. Since we usally recognize that we have a great idea, it would be fine to tell the app to “save now”!.

heureka app
heureka app

As you can see in my detailed manual it actually can’t be to hard. So if you are done engineering, simply tell me. I am happy to help with the online marketing 😉

Go for it!