The Stream – AlJazeera’s social media community

AlJazeera – the immensly growing and weight gaining news network who especially became famous due to it’s good (and more objective) coverage of crisis areas, now launches a new social media community. A stream. The Stream!

What is the Stream by AlJazeera?

The Stream is a social media community with its own daily television programme created by the English Channel of Al Jazeera. The Stream uses the potential of social media on tv as well as online in order to disseminate news. It is an aggregator of online sources and discussion and seeksout unheard voices as well as new perspectives from people on the ground and tries to show untold angles related to hottest stories of the day.

aljazeera stream

But The Stream is not a show about the hottest viral videos or trending stories on the internet. #8millionBeliebers and #TeamSheen will not figure on The Stream. Its aim is to connect with unique, less-covered online communities around the world and share the stories & viewpoints that are told out there but not heard by the masses. What I like is the following statement by AlJazeera:

A key part of The Stream’s mission is to help its viewers discover the newest online tools and advice to develop and share their information through these fast-changing networks.

Social networking now offers new possibilities to expand Al Jazeera English’s mission to give voice to the voiceless. As the tremendous growth of these networks moulds and transforms the news agenda, The Stream aims to share these possibilities and connect its global audience into a dynamic online dialogue.

Since The Stream just started it is hard to say if there is already success to see but I congratulate AlJazeera to its brave attempt to set up something new. The environment changes, the media changes, the people change – usually news services are the last to do so. AlJazeera now tries to be part of the change. A good choice!