They want YOU

theywantyouAs mentioned in my last post about ruling the world I am just about to change my professional surrounding. In order to do so I attend some job interviews via skype, phone or in real life. Usually I am pretty cool before, during and after those interviews. I know what I can bring to the table and am curious to see what the company who is interested in me is able to offer.

I need THAT job, I need THAT job, I won’t find anything else.

A LOT of people I talk to are quite surprised about how relaxed I go into those job interviews. They say they’d be nervous as hell, wish me luck and hope that I behave well. I usually respond with: ‘Well…thx…but you better wish the company well because I have to like THEM’. Some folks laugh, some consider me arrogant…but yeah, I really mean what I am saying.

The reason why I am so self-confident? Easy! I know what I know, what I can do PLUS I know that there are a lot of jerks out there who try to do the same and fail misserably. That’s what puts me (and YOU) in a good position. If company A does not want you, there’s company B waiting for someone who really knows how to handle stuff…

So you shouldn’t dedicate your life to serving a company you don’t really want to work for…choose your company wisely and make sure you will be able to identifiy with what they are selling + do not play a role while being interviewed. What does it help if you play a role, laugh at bad jokes and say to everything yes and amen? Do you think this will make you happy? I think it is important to get along with ones bosses. So take it easy, be funny when there’s the place for jokes and do not hesitate to be yourself at any time. That is what really differs you from the rest who is trying to be the perfect applicant and is – while trying this – just another stereotype instead.

Being confident does not equal to rest or to be arrogant

In order to do what I was talking above, YOU have to do something. Obviously! Keep up to date, improve yourself day by day and stay on top of the pack. And this does not mean knowing a lot of buzzwords and talking about them again and again. Bullshit stays bullshit. And the more you talk bullshit, the more you will hurt yourself on the long term.

Fun + Identification => higher work quality + satisfaction