To spread or not to spread – online activities & areas of interest

You’ve got a lot of interests? You’re into music, social media, sports, travel and even more stuff like that?  Besides that you are a passionate blogger and want to spread the word about your achievements and experiences? Good! Do it! But hey….how?

Do you talk about basically everything in your only presence? One blog for all topics? Or do you spread everything up? Different blogs for different topics. Serving several niches?

One blog for everything – be yourself!

Show it all! Be yourself. Write about what you like, what comes up to your mind. Be your own brand! I have to admit that I like blogs with a personal note. When you can see that the person who is writing the articles really stands behind everything and is not only a geek in one special field.

When talking about different topics you can show diversity and attract different audiences. When you promote your posts wisely and publish good content you might even win users that come for content A (e.g. music) and stumple upon content B (sports) in another category of interest.

Furthermore, blogging about different topics, will give you the opportunity to connect to a diverse variety of readers and contributers.

So blogging about different kind of things definitely can make sense and implies a very personal note. As long as you do it with your heart. If you only try to pump out articles to cover differnt areas in order to gain visitors, this might be a dead end. Users will realize when you only copy&paste and do not know what you are talking about. But that applies to all kind of blogging styles. Be real. Period.

Spreading it up – serving niches

As well as there are arguments for blogging about everything on your personal blog there are as well arguments that suggest to spread your content on different niche sites and position yourself as an expert in each field.

Maintaining niche sites that cover special interests or topic might lack from personal posts (from time to time, since you only blog about “cars” and never about your relationship) but makes you more realiable or quoteable in your specialised field. People will come to your site while they are searching specific information in the internet (e.g. “christian churches in thailand”) and will stay there & come back to you when they were happy and satisfied.

Furthermore niche sites might give you an easier way to promote and market your website on other sites or advertisement programmes. Besides that showing up in relevant google (or other search engine) results might be easier when your site does not cover 20 different topics but focuses on one and covers this in greater variety.

As you can see, it can also make sense to choose spreading your content on different niche sites. You even don’t have to maintain all those sites by your own. Guestblogging and providing other sites with content can be a good marketing way too. So if you want to have faster success, this might be the better way. But also here counts: Be real. Period.