Top 5 Online Courses

Students today benefit from more options than ever, including a wealth of online courses. But what driving factors influence an online course’s popularity? Market trends, online demographics, and the economy all certainly play a role. Many students driven to online courses are of a mature age rather than high school leavers, which means that the top courses tend to have a vocational slant to them. Here are five of the most popular courses.

1. Aged Care

As the baby boomer population reaches retirement age, the need for skilled carers has skyrocketed. For example, in Australia alone there’s a projected growth of more than 50,000 job openings for aged carers through November 2018, and this trend is shared in the USA, the UK, and other nations with an aging population. As a result, online courses like a Certificate in Aged Care have become increasingly popular with students who want job security and a fulfilling career path. With this type of qualification, students may go on to work as hospital orderlies, therapy aides, aged care assistants, or personal care assistants.

2. Early Childhood Education

Popular with parents, recently graduated high school students, and those seeking a midlife career change, Early Childhood Education is another popular online course of study. Like Aged Care, part of this can be chalked up to the high demand for qualified professionals – there are thousands of job openings every year. Early childhood educators work with children at the preschool level, and must meet minimum qualifications in order to find employment. Online studies provide a way to meet these qualifications and learn more about child development.

3. Small Business Management

With the economy experiencing so many ups and downs over the past decade, it’s perhaps no wonder that the number of small businesses has risen. Over 90,000 new businesses were started in the UK in the first half of 2013, and at the moment there are more than 2.1 million small businesses actively trading in Australia. A strong business foundation is necessary for these start-ups to succeed, which is why many would-be entrepreneurs are taking advantage of a wide range of small business courses that you can find online. 

4. Beauty Therapy

Perhaps it’s our selfie-driven culture, or the same desire to become self-employed that drives entrepreneurs to begin a small business. But in the past few years, new beauty salons have been popping up everywhere, which means that there has been an uptick in the need for qualified hair and beauty consultants. A Beauty Therapy certificate or qualification can be obtained online in a short time period, teaching not only the technical skills required for the beauty industry but also the communication skills that are useful across multiple fields.

5. Bookkeeping

Finally, Bookkeeping is a perennially popular online course. With the number of businesses growing, there’s a corresponding demand for someone to help balance the books. Another reason for this course’s enduring popularity is the fact that it can lead to employment in a variety of industries, including construction, forestry, professional, and technical. A qualified bookkeeper can easily find a unique niche that fits their interests, leading to heightened job satisfaction.

A combination of practicality and job security is what drives these five types of online courses to the front of the pack. Yet students have an unprecedented number of courses to choose from, as more learning institutions than ever now offer online coursework.