Web Highlight – Vol. 1

Man. Looks like I’m really in the giving mood right now, don’t you think? 😀 But no worries folks, topic related (in terms of SEO and Online Marketing) posts are up on their way. So calm down! Tonight it’s, once more, about spreading the love. This time it’s not another cool blog, it’s a great youtube channel for of you music fans out there.

It’s hosted by a german student who covers cools songs once in a while in a – IMO – very very cool way. Her nickname over there at youtube is Orleanz88. The nice thing about her is, that she’s not covering always the same kind of songs. She switches between pop & rock songs and always puts a little of her unique touch in it. The first song I heard was naive by the kooks and afterwards I regularly checked back in order to see her vids (yeah well, obviously she’s pretty cute to, but that’s not the main reason. man!). I have to say, that there’ve been 2 or 3 songs I didn’t really like at all – but I guess that’s just because I didn’t like the originals as well ,-)

So, ladies and gentleman, give it up for Orleanz88