Why I hate affiliate Marketing

One of the many phrases I hear when I talk with people about my profession (well, if they somehow know what “online marketing” is about and not simply say “so you hang out in the internet all day…”) is “So then…why do you not hang out on some island and make a fortune via affiliate marketing?”.

There are always two answers that come up. First the obvious one: It is not that easy to find an appropriate condo on an island. The second answer always is: I simply hate affiliate marketing. Why? Because it is only about the benjamins. No matter what. You might say that’s the case everywhere – and yeah, you might be right – but when making a life via affiliate marketing it is even more like that.

It’s more like living like a travelling sales person back in the days trying to sell your stuff. Even if the stuff is not great or – worse – bullshit you have to sell it!

Many of the people who talk about “how to become rich using the internet” talk about affiliate marketing. They tell you “find a niche”, “find a product” “buy a website around it” and “sell it”. And there we go. Out of all the products out there…how many really offer value to its users and which of them would you buy yourself?

Right, only a few. Most of the stuff you can buy online is shit and you wouldn’t even take it if you only had to pay 20 bucks. So affiliate marketing is quite often about screwing people…or at least selling stuff that is not toooo great. You have to promote it like it is a god given gift and everybody should be glad to own it – even if you know that it’s not true. And that’s what pisses me off. I simply do not want to be just another ass…hole selling stuff to some easy minded people in the internet and I sincerely hope that everybody who makes a living through screwing others will be reborn as cheap affiliate product….

As you can see this post is not as structured as many of my other posts but that’s because i am really pissed by 87% of all affiliate people out there. They are bad people and I do not like bad people. Bad karma sucks.

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