Why you should stay away from SEO

Yep. Stay Away From SEO! Yes, I really said that! Whom am I talking to you ask? Well…look around…yes, it’s you! I talk about you, who has read 2 articles on copyblogger and search engine land and considers himself a SEO pro! Guess what, you are not! And guess one more time: You will never be!

seo boosts - seo is science
seo boosts - seo is science

Why do I start ranting again? Because I made the mistake of using google blogsearch in order to find some new and interesting blogs covering the topic. But the most I found was – guess another time – bullshit. ‘Top 10 tips to increase your ranking’, ‘5 ways of making your site rock’, ‘blablablaincreaseyoursizedamnitfyou!’

Do I build rockets?

Hey I just read an article about the Apollo 14 mission. I bet I can now built a rocket on my own. Or I saw a movie about someone driving a tank. Let’s just try it out. Can’t be to hard. Or even better, I still have a copy of the MS Flightsimulator, why not just….

SEO is Science!

Like building rockets, creating houses or any other complex topic, SEO is a Science. I know, you won’t believe it, because copyblogger and your SEO gurus on Twitter said it is not and everybody can do SEO, but that is exactly why my intro is correct (you will never be a professional). Obviously it is easy to do some on page stuff. Setting some tags, getting your title straight and checking your format. But I also could draw a picture of a rocket, or start building a house by myself – nevertheless, I won’t get a nice and stable house, or ever fly a real rocket.

But that is it, what it’s about. Getting the thing in the air. Boosting (yes, I said it) your website, putting the rocket into your lame web presence. And that is when the ‘top 10 tips to know about SEO’ won’t help anymore. Because if you read those tips on SE Land, Copyblogger or wherever, there are thousands of others that have already read it before you.

SEO is important

To say it clear and loud again: SEO is important, actually it is extremely crucial to your online success. And that is exactly why you should not consider yourself a pro just because you read a few articles and spent some hours in different forums. If you are really into this topic, you take your time, read A LOT and try EVEN MORE. Trial and Error is quite ok, we all make mistakes. That’s how sciences develops. Making mistakes, trying again, making mistakes, trying again, succeeding….

So before launching your rocket, think about if you are willing to build it on your own because this will take A LOT of time or if you are happy if you get a ride – that’s why there are people that have a rocket building licence and know the science!

  • wow wee!! You laid it all out and I couldn’t agree with you more…now excuse me while I go perform brain surgery…I just read an article, Im good.

  • I like this post, yet at the same time I’m confused by something you mentioned here. Keep in mind I have read countless articles about SEO and I still don’t practice the “science” as much as I should, but at least I keep reading. 🙂

    Ok, here’s what I don’t understand – Google has this big huge reputation for bringing you the most relevant article in the search results but yet you did a search and found nothing but crap. Well how did that crap end up in your search instead of links to the more relevant articles that you’re really looking for?

    Somebody isn’t using SEO properly right?? But who – perhaps the answer is Google.

    Now do you see why I’m confused…