Wikipedia: #Edit2014

Wikipedia now also takes a look back onto 2014 and shows in its review, #Edit2014, what we read & edited.

Every December we see the big online players (Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) publishing their yearly reviews. This year wikipedia jumps onto that train and shows off their Data in a nice video.

The three minute video shows which articles have been read and edited while not mentioning specific numbers & data though. Topics that are prominently featured are the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the conflict in the Ukraine, the Olympic Games and, of course, the Fifa Football World Cup. Furthermore the Ice-Bucket-Challenge, Ebola and famous deaths (e.g. Robin Williams, Philipp Seymour Hoffman, Maya Angelou) get their deserved mentions. Besides that wikipedia also spares some time for scientific highlights such as the Rosetta space mission.

According to wikipedia it prepared its review via the hashtag #Edit2014. It took around 2 months to make it happen and is based on freely accessible media created by the community.

What was your #Edit2014?