WordPress Plugins you really need – my top 10 in october 2010

After setting up some new projects during the last few weeks, with some wordpress sites amongst it, I thought it won’t hurt to have – once again – a closer look at the plugins used regularly. Of course it depends on the type of site and personal needs – but there are quite a few plugins I used at most of the sites. So let’s try to bring up my 10 favorite plugins right now in october 2010.

  • Akismet – yeah. no-brainer. Almost everybody knows it and even though there are quite a few other anti-spam plugins, it is still my favorite. For me the most reliable anti-spam plugin so far + it causes almost never any trouble.
  • All in One SEO Pack – since almost everybody knows about the importance of SEO nowadays, there are A LOT of SEO plugins around. And for sure there are plugins with more options (Headspace 2 for example) out there. BUT – again – it’s about reliability. While plugins like Headspace 2 suffer somtimes from a lack of integration possibilites with WordPress 3.0 or Lightbox Plugins, All in One SEO has not dissapointed me so far. It’s quite nice for some basic SEO setups – the rest is…up to your knowledge 😉
  • Robots Meta – as already mentioned on twitter some weeks ago, I think every wordpress user should built a shrine for ‘yoast’. He develops a lot of great plugins – with Robots Meta being the most ‘important`- at least for me. This handy plugin gives you control over your meta tag behavior and sets site permissions (and implements Google WMT, MS WMT – and Google Analytics).
  • Google Analytics Plugin by Yoast – Integrates Google Analytics quite easily and supports you with a nice variety of stats. Advanced control panel available. One more great plugin by the Dutch wordpress plugin guru.
  • Lightbox 2 – most SEO guys are not happy about lightbox plugins, but I find them quite handy. With lightbox 2 being my favorite. It enlarges embedded pictures and shows the complete description you gave your pictures. Not the perfect SEO solution, but from a user and usability point of view, a nice add on – I think.
  • What Would Seth Godin do – Simple little plugin. It simply reminds new (or returning – it’s up to you) visitors to subscribe to your rss feed. Does not need much space, but leads to a raising number of rss subscribers. So nice to have.
  • Remove Generator Information – well. I used to do this by hand before. But when you change your theme once in a while, it might happen that you forget changing this again. This little plugin keeps track of your generator information and removes it automatically.
  • TweetMeMe Retweet Button – Yeah. Again something that could be done by hand, but this plugin works quite well and adds the ‘most important’ retweet button automatically. So why not let the machine do the work and focus on more important things?
  • WordPress Database Backup – Well. Obvious. The emergency backup. Mails your database backup on a weekly basis to you (depending on your setup, of course). Must have for all my sites.
  • Apture – one more plugin that is not tooo much liked by SEO specialists – but, once more, I consider it as quite handy in terms of user experience or usability. It not only adds interactive link possibilities (you set them while writing the article) but also provides you with a nice little header-bar which allows users to share your site on facebook and twitter or search it very easily – of course all this is customizable. Plus: It provides you with some weekly stats. So one more thing to meassure 😉

top 10 wordpress plugins october 2010
top 10 wordpress plugins october 2010

I hope you enjoy those plugins as much as I do. Any other must have recommendations? Let me know!

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