world cup rules

I guess many of you did the same during world cup. Setting up a site related somehow to the topic of soccer or World Cup 2010 in South Africa and seeing what happens. Trying to get some traffic, sell stuff etc. So did I. To be honest, this groundshaking idea came to my mind 3 hours before the first match of World Cup 2010. Lets just blame my current work for this. To much to do 😉 But nevertheless I tried to set up a site. Since there was not really time for good linkbuilding and similar stuff I decided to give it a go without active linkbuilding. I decided to just grab a  keyword domain and let it flow.

Trendy stuff

So I went of to google trends, checked for some search phrases and found some interesting ones. So there it was. Three keywords with two of them being quite obvious 😉 No active linkbuilding, as mentioned before but some decent content on it. Information about current matches, a blog, twitter & affiliate stuff.

No links, no visits

The first week was pretty sad. Almost no visits. But well…no inbound links, no visits. Thx to my SEO job I, of course, tried to do my SEO homework. And In week 2 it seemed to work out. The first few visits where there. 5-6 tweets a day led to 50 followers in week 1 and some retweets. Twitter was in week 1 traffic source #1. Same in week 2.

As time goes by

traffic development world cup site
traffic development world cup site

After 2.5 weeks I recognized a decent increase of visitors. After checking the stats I saw that most of them came via google search. Great. I was in. So it took about 2.5 weeks to place me site decently within the SERPs in order to gain some traffic.

I do not own the SERPs or even would say I did everything right. I simply thought it would be a nice test to see how fast a keyword-domain will enter the index when set-up completely new without having major links pointing to it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Distractiooooon. Wait what?

Besides leading to some traffic & sales the World Cup does also bring some negative aspects with it. Millions of dollars, new workplaces, parties….so what’s the negative point you may ask. Well it is pretty simple. It is – woah goaaaaaal! – distraction!

Speaking from my point of view the World Cup leads to a lot of distraction. Even though if there are no current matches happening, you always feel a slight tension…waiting for the next match, discussing the last one and so on. This can really lead to losses in work capacity.

From distraction to attraction

What to do to fight this? Let your people watch it! Create World Cup rooms (rooms where you put on some TV sets, table soccers, coke & beer) or something like this. This will lead to some extra hours off – but you staff will stay in your company (won’t be ‘ill’), will spend time together (teambuilding!) and spend more quality time on real work since they know they can watch World Cup at work and do not have to worry about missing something.

Win Win Win

As you can see, the World Cup can lead to more than one win situation if you allow it to. Gain visitors, enhance teambuilding and improve your image. These are only three very obvious points of more that can increase your Return On Being Cool (ROBC). So don’t hate the players or the game. Make the best of it and enjoy every second of it.