WWE Summer Slam 2014 predictions & results

With SummerSlam 2014 only a few days away WWE enters the hot phase of build ups for its most crucial PPV of the summer. The biggest main event after WrestleMania certainly needs to deliver since the past PPVs haven’t been that great. Therefore all eyes are on Summer Slam 2014. Here a short prediction of this year’s SummerSlam match card. As always, totally biased and personal.

Pre-Show: RVD vs. Cesaro

I didn’t predict that since I didn’t know it would happen at the time of writing but it sounded good when I first heard it. And, to give credit to both, the match actually was quite good with Cesaro delivering as always. The fact that RVD took away the victory then after showing 2 signature moves didn’t really make sense for me but shows that Cesaro’s standing simply isn’t good these days. Nevertheless Cesaro did a good job, showed even individual cover techniques and worked his ass off making RVD look good.

Prediction: N/A
Winner: RVD

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Like so many of the long-time wrestling fans I am happy that Ziggler finally is back in a title belt picture. Even though it’s only the IC title. With getting rid of the WWE Heavyweight title and reuniting it with the WWE World Championship the IC title gains a bit more of importance again and WWE is trying to push that forward. Unlike many others however I consider The Miz a good (could even be great) champion. I like his Mic work, I like his moveset, when he is allowed to show it, and he simply does a great job in portraying this asshole actor from Hollywood. One could say I have a thing for heels as I was also rooting for Ziggler when he was a Heel back then but I simply see WWE staying with The Miz in order to push the importance of the title further. Especially since the US Title is with a face (Sheamus). Ziggler and The Miz seem to have a good chemistry and are definitely able to steal the show with this feud as long as WWE creative gives them some time and doesn’t resent to The Miz cheating early in the match. Furthermore I also hope Dolph won’t disappear from the title picture again and gets another shot at it.

Prediction: The Miz + Showstealing match. 
Result: Ziggler. Makes sense when looking at it from the point that you would want this feud to continue of course. Re-match at the next PPV seems to be set. However the match was a bit disappointing in terms of Miz dominating and then Ziggler having a lucky moment (after kicking out of The Miz’s finisher) and hitting his ZiggZagg. Nevertheless a winning Ziggy is always a good thing to see!

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

I am not sure what to make of Y2J’s return this time. I like him and his promo work is stellar but I don’t quite get why he needs to fight Wyatt. Jericho looks so much stronger right now. Like a real threat. Especially after winning the first, terribly boring, match. That’s well done storyline wise of course but one has to ask ‘why’. When seeing those two guys next to each other Jericho doesn’t look dangerous and now portraying him as the big threat to Wyatt seems a bit odd. I wish Jericho all the best since he is simply awesome but it’s quite obvious that he is just there to bring a new talent over (even more) once again. But wasn’t Wyatt already over? And what does it help if WWE lets Wyatt then lose again to the top guys? Having Jericho already winning the first feud though it’s almost logical that Wyatt will win this time since everything else would basically burry him for a while.

Prediction: Chris Jericho in a boring match, agaiiiiiiiiiin (That Wyatt will win) 
Result. I was right. Wyatt after a boring match (especially for Y2J standards). A bit back and forth. Than Y2J with the upper hand, Wyatt with a unfair action and two finishers.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev (Flag Match)

God I dislike Swagger. Even more since he started to beat Cesaro on a weekly basis. I simply don’t like this patriotic stuff. Might be because I’m not American. Nevertheless I think that WWE tries to monetize on the current Swagger hype and lets him pick up a the win. Seeing that this is a Flag match wouldn’t even make Rusev look that bad and give him reason to strike back and continue this feud until the next PPV.

Prediction:  USA USA USA. Jack Swagger
Result: Rusev. God I hate this fake pathetic stuff. Army soldiers coming out, presenting the flag, blah blah blah. Totally new. It worked of course though. The crowd went “USA” and “We the people”. Both men went at each other from the very beginning with Swagger on the better end and hurting Rusev with the ankle lock even before the bell hit. Swagger then ran a rampage on Rusev with Rusev never quitting and finally applying his signature move to Swagger who ultimately passed out. Portraying Rusev here as the indestructible force puts WWE in a tough spot. Rusev beats Swagger on one leg (with the other being injured in the beginning). Who else should now stand up to Rusev? Who picks up the US flag and gives pride back to America? I don’t really care but WWE will find someone I’m sure. Mark Henry or so.

AJ Lee vs. Paige (Divas Championship Match)

It’s nice to see how ‘unstable’ Paige is as of late. That really helped her character and she looks so much more natural now as a crazy bitch. I still think that AJ is a better wrestler but that doesn’t necessarily matter of course. With Paige attacking and distracting AJ over the past weeks one should think that AJ gets her revenge at Summer Slam but what would happen then? Feud over? Who would be left to feud with? Would Paige have to step down the ladder again? I think that Paige will somehow manage to steal the victory and we will see another bout at Night of Champions.

Prediction: Paige
Result: Paige. Told ya! This was actually a nice match (did I just say that after a Divas match?). Especially AJ seemed to be determined to show off what she’s able to do. The final counter by Paige was also pretty good though and I’m looking forward to see more of those two.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Lumberjack Match)

If that wasn’t a stupid stipulation then I don’t know. Ambrose wins the right to choose a stipulation and comes up with that? Seriously? Sure they try to sell it as if that would help him to keep Rollins from running but isn’t it obvious that the authority will have lots of their guys out there who will interfere and help Rollins to win that match? Nevertheless this will probably be the match of the night and Ambrose and Rollins will, hopefully, once again show their awesome chemistry before Seth takes away the cheated victory. This will lead to more oil in this feud’s fire and to another match at Night of Champions. Maybe then even with the MitB briefcase on the line?

Prediction: Seht Rollins
Result: Seth Rollins (with help from Kane and via Briefcase). What a match. You gotta love those two guys. I don’t really agree with the ending but what the heck. This ensures that we’ll see more of Ambrose hunting down Rollins. The match was awesome and Ambrose put on more highlights than most “Superstars” in their careers. He even used Rollins’ own finisher before Kane screwed things up (as expected). The outcome therefore is not surprising but the story was perfectly sold. I smiled during the whole match thx to the crazy shit both men were pulling off.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Two super similar superstars against each other. Its supposed to be a talked about and highlight match but I am not excited at all about it. I used to like Randy Orton back then as the legend killer or even when he was that psychopath viper but these days he’s unfortunately quite boring and too predictable as a character. The beatdown two weeks ago was nice though and was hopefully the return onto his destructive path. However we’ve seen that before and it never actually happened.

For Reigns: I already can’t see him anymore. Superman 2.0. Boring. 5 moves of doom and that’s it. Sure a few cool moves and one could argue other superstars don’t have many more moves but it’s just so plain obvious with Reigns. I hope Orton picks up the win but I think that WWE is about to pull the trigger on Reigns and lets him chase after Brock soon. Where this will leave Orton is another question then.

Prediction: Reigns. 
Result: Reigns. Just as expected. The last 3 minutes of the match were awesome and you could see why Orton still is one of the best, if he wants to. How he countered Reigns’ signature moves was really cool. The fact that it wasn’t enough now proves that Reigns, indeed, is on the way to become Superman 2.0. Kicking out of an amazing RKO. What else does he have to fear now?

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

Holy $%@& I couldn’t care less. Sure Steph is one of the best heels WWE has right now but man I really don’t care about those personal feuds. Especially now with this new ‘he cheated’ angle. Bullshit. As so many others I also think that this match is simply there to show some different angle and that probably Nikki turns on Brie (remember, there’s always a plan B).

Prediction Stephanie (or heel turn of Nikki right after Brie wins)
Result: Stephanie way better than expected. Brie however lived up to expectations and disappointed all the way through the match. However she did at least a good job in taking the punishments. Credits for that. When things then changed Steph also sold the punishment quite well – again better than most current Divas on the roster. In the end Nikki, as expected, turned on Brie and Steph won.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

I simply can’t get excited about Cena matches anymore. Even though his in-ring work is good during PPVs and his promos are thought through and everything. Same goes for Brock Lesnar. It’s not that I am still mad about him ending the streak (well I am but that doesn’t reflect on this prediction now – btw. Heath Slader is also on a streak right now. Just saying) but his sporadic comebacks as the ass kicking machine seem a bit weird ever after he lost to Cena in 2012. But maybe both men will put on a good fight again and proof me wrong. I’d be the first to happily admit that.

With all the effort and time that WWE put into this storyline here this match will probably last quite long and basically needs to see Lesnar as the winner in order to cash in on his success at Wrestle Mania. Cena will stick around either way and then could chase the title once more.

Prediction: Brrrrrrrrrrock Lesnarrrrr
Result: Lesnar. The start was fun. Lesnear with a F5 after 30 seconds. I would have loved if it would have been over like that. Just for the shock of it. Later on Lesnar brought some pain, Cena fought back for a very short moment but Lesnar simply German suplexed him what felt like 100 times (and wasted lots of time). Cena wouldn’t quit of course though (I’m holding three fingers in the air right now) so Brrrooock continued. Cena then finally fought back, delivered an AA to Lesnar but Lesnar, of course, kicked out. So then back to the suplexing. How entertaining. The “Universe” responded with “Boring” chants. Finally Lesnar showed another F5 and won. What a disappointing match. Not even worth the 9,99 that the WWE network costs.

Overall I’m looking forward to Summer Slam 2014 simply because the last PPV was so bad that this one has to be better. I can’t wait to see Ambrose vs. Rollins and am also looking forward to seeing The Miz vs. Ziggler. Other than that I’m not too excited by now but hopefully WWE will add a few more matches when we approach SummerSlam day. I’m still waiting for a decent Cesaro match, the Usos and so on.

What are your predictions?